About Frédéric Maisonnasse

Frédéric Maisonnasse is an Expert in International Business Development, he is also a Consultant, a Coach, a Blogger and an Entrepreneur. As a senior business professional, Frédéric Maisonnasse has 22 years of experience working for SMEs and large French and Canadian groups mainly on European, Asian and North American markets.

Frédéric Maisonnasse is a Canadian and French citizen (European Union) and as such, he holds a double business culture allowing him to both advise Canadian and North-american companies on the European market as well as French and European companies on the North-american market. Frédéric Maisonnasse holds a Master of Science from the Ecole Supérieure de Commerce et de Dévelopment 3A (part of the IGS Group and René Cassin International University Campus) in Sales, Marketing and Business Development and with an Asian continent's specialization.

Frédéric Maisonnasse always acts as a Sustainable business solutions Designer and Architect in order to offer long-term solutions to Organizations. Frédéric Maisonnasse is also capable of leading business team to respond to tender bids and pitches. Concerning that particular field, he has developed his own method to be able to perfectly answer to the bidding company's requirements.

As a business development professional, Frédéric Maisonnasse spent several years building and executing sales and marketing plans. As a Senior business advisor, Frédéric Maisonnasse is responsible for guiding his clients in developing strategies and business tactics to increase their ROI and prospects in defining their business and needs with services offer.